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Who We Are...

Mission Statement:

Bridge Mediation develops unique solutions for overcoming the tremendous challenges of cultural differences involved with multi culture business disputes and serves as a link between international matters involved individuals in different countries. The mission of Bridge Mediation is to provide to businesses and individuals the pathway to overcome the conflict or difficult situations where they are involved and offer alternative solutions to their problems to be able to look and move forward.

Bridge Mediation LLC as well dedicate part of its time to educate corporate business leaders, individuals and students on how cross cultural negotiation, problem solving, and mediation as an alternative and complementary method to the traditional legal system method is essential to overcome difficulties and look for a solution. We provide a pathway of resources to facilitate dialogue between companies or individuals that will enable to perceive the tremendous challenge of cultural differences and with the knowhow we are able to find an innovative dispute resolutions solution that satisfy the parties.


Core Values:

The organizational culture is based on principles such as teamwork and respect to others with full honesty, ethics and openness. The core values and principles that my team and I follow are imprinted in every thing we do: professionalism, respect, honesty, teamwork and ethic in decision-making process.


Founder Message:

Founder Message:

The company slogan back in 2004 was: “create business solutions for business problems.” Today 2013 I firmly believe in that slogan and add:  “let’s look forward in working always in a creative ways to find solutions that satisfy the parties involved and terminate the difficult situations”.

For the last 8 years, I have intensely worked to create a business that is the synonym of expertise, excellence in trainings and services, dedication, respect and team work. These are the values and principles for a success of Bridge Mediation LLC.

When people asked what I do for a living: “My job is to work with people to find a solution to their problems by implementing the most advanced trading techniques. Using skills and techniques that allow me to understand how the other parts perceive reality and make them open to think and look for an alternative and creative solution that can end their problems. My job ends only when I realize that these people do not want to find a solution and created a reality that does not exist and begin to believe in it. I stopped because I find myself to confront people with unreasonable and irrational to believe in the reality that they have built no matter whether in good or bad faith. “

Whoever asks us “what we do,” we answer: “we are negotiators, we are educators, we are consultants, we are partners, we are mediators.”……“we are trained as  Problem Solvers of cases that have complex elements based on the cultural differences.” …” We use a tool box of skills and techniques based on communication and negotiation …


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