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1. What is problem solving?

An individual, on average, faces conflicts or a difficult situation at least once a day in personal or in professional life.It has been proven the consequences that conflicts bring in the life of the person: frustration, emotional distress and economical consequences when it gets out of control.It’s necessary for each individual to have the skills set and mind set (what we call the Tool Box) that allow the person to know how to approach the conflicts in a positive way.After dealing with hundreds of difficult situations, problems and conflicts we created what we called the Problem Solving Formula.The formula provides a step-by-step process that allows us to identify the problem, investigate the underlying issues and make a diagnosis, think outside the box and finally get to a solution satisfying for the person.

In order to be a problem solver, it is necessary to be familiar with the concept of “thinking outside the box”. Generally people are stuck in their comfort zone and when they get in a conflict they cannot think innovatively.  A problem solver needs to be one step ahead of the other party and ready to find a different approach or idea. It is important to be able to come up with creative solutions for problems of everyday life.

2. Immigration assistance

Our team of attorneys will assist with answering and dealing with your immigration status to leave and stay in the USA as part of our business consulting service.

3. When we can help you with your case?

  • When your case has international issues and you don’t know who is the right professional to deal with it.
  • When you are confused and need someone to help you find the real issues and possible alternatives to resolve them.
  • When you have a good business idea but you don’t know how to follow up.
  • When you need a trustworthy company that has values and principals based on trust, honesty, caring, quality and professionalism.
  • When you don’t know what visa you need to travel and stay in USA, Italy and many other countries.
  • When you want to invest your money in the American or Italian market.
  • When you want to improve yourself.

4. How can I intern at bridge?

Bridge Mediation LLC has two types of internship:
1- Paid Internship – for students of universities that do not have an internship agreement with BM LLC or for students of universities that BM LLC has an internship agreement with but the student is not enrolled on the internship program of his/her school.
2- Internship for school credit – For students that are enrolled in the internship program of his/her school and the university has an internship agreement with BM LLC.


5. What to expect when interning at Bridge?

The internship program that BM LLC offers are designed to allow law and business students to directly enhance their negotiation and problem solving skills with practical hands-on cases.Bridge Mediation USA offers two kinds of internship programs:

  • Internship program with tuition
  • Internship program where BM LLC hosts the students for school credits.

The content of the two programs provide the trainee specialization in negotiation and mediation techniques combined with problem solving skills that are used on daily bases on real cases that the BM team is handling. The trainee will be able to brainstorm and participate directly on projects.

The Intern will have the opportunity to participate in meetings with professional American mediators, business people, Bridge mediation clients, and educators to better prepared them on the practical skills required to administer a business daily and promote collaborative team work. Moreover, interns have optional opportunities to familiarize with the international issues of Immigration law and Business law.

The most important expertise that the intern will be able to acquire is the problem solving skill. BM deals with cases that are unique in nature and usually complex. For this reason, interns are expected to research and implement projects with creative alternative for solutions, which will improve their critical and analytical thinking.

The selected interns are required to sign and follow rules of conduct that will guide them on proper behavior, confidentiality, ethics and respect to other professionals and clients.


6. How to enroll to Bridge Mediation Training?

You can send an email to training@bridge-mediation.com and ask for dates if they are not listed in the website calendar.


7. Why choose Bridge Mediation training?

Bridge Mediation has developed trainings based on years of experience working with real cases and on the understanding of what is actually needed to become an effective problem solver today. Our high level of success is based on believing in the usage of our own “tool box” – our set of skills that are most effective for each case and client. We designed a curriculum that will provide you with your own “tool box” of skills.


8. What will I gain from the training?

The trainings are based on advance materials, practical, real life experiences of experts and practical case studies. You will be sharing the experience of 10 years experience of our international team on negotiation, mediation and business consulting cases involving many complex issues that including, but not limited to, culture differences and different individual’s personalities.
You will gain the skills sets that will improve your professional and personal life if you use them correctly.


9. When do I know I need Bridge?

  • When I am in a conflict
  • When I went to open a business opportunities in USA.
  • When I have problem and I don’t know to solve
  • When I want to learn how become a problem solver