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surf 2Our trainers are all certified mediators and licensed attorneys in several countries. The uniqueness of Our trainers are unique because they are trained in problem solving and conflict resolution with the focus on cross-cultural negotiation. They are experts on communication and negotiation techniques related to cultural differences, and most importantly they practice every day problem solving. Thus, they are skilled in both the theory and practice of mediation, negotiation and problem solving.
We believe that to be able to carry out excellent education and training activities you need a combination of different elements and skills that enable you to adapt to different audiences and needs such as: excellent and advanced materials always updated, the ability to practice, skills and personal qualities of the trainer who carries out the training.
Bridge Mediation LLC trainers fully understand the subject of the trainings. They have different teaching styles, but they have the common knowledge of the subjects and work together as a team. They all have the ability to speak in front of an audience that was developed through years of public speaking, lectures in Universities and private trainings all around the world. Our trainers also have the flexibility and ability to easily adapt to the needs of the group, they are driven by the desire to help others to learn and they have the ability to create an atmosphere of openness and trust within the group.



Alessandra Sgubini L.L.M.
Founder and C.E.O. of Bridge Mediation LLC

Ms. Sgubini is a professional mediator and an Italian attorney with experience in the field of law, international law, and dispute resolution.She received her law degree from the University of Milan (Italy), she is licensed as an Italian attorney and a member of the Milan Bar Association. She worked in different Italian legal firms. In 2001 she completed advanced studies in International Business transactions from University of San Diego, California (USA). Additionally, in 2003, she earned an L.L.M.( Master in International and Comparative Law) degree at California Western School of Law with a specialty in International Law and Dispute Resolution. She worked as an intern and a law clerk in Baker & McKenzie in San Diego. She is a professional mediator in San Diego, specialized in a wide range of civil disputes. She has been trained as a mediator through different trainings in San Diego. She is fluent in Italian and English.Ms. Sgubini also serves as a speaker in national and international organizations and Universities. Ms. Sgubini is author of several articles on ADR and mediation.Currently she is a mediator of legal Aid Society Pro-Bono Program in San Diego and member of Association for Conflict Resolution. In 2007 she was nominated as the 2007 professional representing the mediation industry by the Cambridge Who’s Who and include in the Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. In 2008 Ms. Sgubini got selected and included in the Metropolitan Who’s Who registry.



Troy Krich – ESQ

Mr.Krich is a practiced civil litigator with experience in business, employment, and construction litigation. In addition, Troy applies a significant portion of his services working with entrepreneurs, business owners, and developers in all areas of business organization including business formation, planning, consulting, trademark and copyright acquisition, contract preparation, and dispute advocacy.

Troy is a certified mediator with international experience working in Italy, Spain, and India, and is currently is a panel mediator and legal support for Bridge Mediation LLC in San Diego. He also conducts trainings and university classes focusing on cross-cultural negotiaion, conflict resolution, and international mediation.

Troy Krich has a strong focus on alternative dispute resolution methods. Troy is a mediator, and he also represents clients in mediation sessions conducted by other mediators. Troy Krich teaches a course at University of California at San Diego in cross-cultural negations and conflict resolution.



Vanessa Fennell – LLM

Vanessa Fennell has a law Degree from Universidade Sao Marcos – Sao Paulo, Brazil, and a Master Degree in Comparative Law with emphasis in Alternative Dispute Resolution from California Western School of Law – San Diego, USA. She is certified Mediator and Cross-Culture Negotiator in which her valuable skills are being used to train and mediate several types of commercial mediation, peer mediation and Restorative Mediation. She a active volunteer as a mediator for Legal Aids in San Diego and Small Claim Courts. Moreover, she is certified in Conflict Dynamics Profile which promotes a better understanding of how to prevent and resolve conflicts in the workplace. Vanessa has been exclusively working with Bridge Mediation in several national and international projects and trainings