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2013 Founder Message

Since Bridge Mediation LLC, USA, (BM) was created in 2004 in San Diego my vision has not changed I wanted to create bridges based on communication and problem solving skills that allow individuals and businesses to resolve their problems. The core values and principles that my team and I followed and will always follow are imprinted in every thing we do: professionalism, respect, honesty, teamwork and ethic in decision-making process.

The company slogan back in 2004 was:

create business solution for business problem.” Today 2012 I firmly believe in that slogan and add: “let’s look forward in working always in a creative ways to find solutions that satisfy the parties involved and terminate the difficult situation”

For the last 8 years, I have intensely worked to create a business that is the synonym of expertise, excellence in trainings and services, dedication, respect and team work. These are the values and principles for a successful business and this is the pathway that Bridge Mediation LLC followed and will keep following here in USA, in Italy and any other region in the world.

When people asked what you do for a living: “My job is to work with people to find a solution to their problems by implementing the most advanced trading techniques. Using skills and techniques that allow me to understand how the other parts perceive reality and make them open to think and look for an alternative and creative solution that can end their problems. My job ends only when I realize that these people do not want to find a solution and created a reality that does not exist and begin to believe in it. I stopped because I find myself to confront people with unreasonable and irrational to believe in the reality that they have built no matter whether in good or bad faith. “

Whoever asks us “what we do” we answer: “we are negotiating, we are educators, we are consultants, we are partners, we are mediators.”
Our slogan: “we are trained as Problem Solving professionals of cases that have complex elements based on the cultural differences.” For these characteristics we have become stable partners of some of the most prestigious universities in Italy and in the world that use our services for business education of students.

My job is to work with people to look for a solution to their problems. I need to use skills and techniques that allow me to understand how the other parties perceive the reality and make them open to think and search for an alternative and creative solution that can end their problems. My job will end only when I realize that those people don’t want to find a solution and they create a reality that it doesn’t exist and they start to believe in it. I stop because you find your self-deal with unreasonable people the believe in their own reality it doesn’t matter if in good or bad faith.

Some times life brings us in front of crossroad and we need to take hard decisions that at the beginning are not popular and difficult to handle because will bring changes. As human being we are scared of changes because they bring us in a place of unknown but instead I always believe that changes are necessary and good especially when we on the choice we had is to compromise on the values and principles that we believe in to.

Changes make us grow to a next level as individuals and you need to execute the changes otherwise stay an illusion.

One of many changes I had to take was to distance Bridge Mediation in USA (BM USA) from some of the professionals that in these 8 year shared as part of my professional’s life. They grow in different directions and have different values and principles that my company in USA carries and become roadblock.

2004 Founder Message

When I began working as an attorney, I believed my professional responsibility to society was to solve conflicts and defend the interests of my clients. Throughout my practice, I had the chance to analyze the results of my activity in my clients’ disputes. After some time I discovered that while I could solve many of my clients’ problems, there were many other cases where my work only worsened the situation. This was not because I was a bad lawyer, but because the legal system did not give me the chance to solve conflicts in a creative way. Moreover, I was trained as a litigator, and often time’s litigation created new conflict where previously non-existent. Unwilling to continue practicing law that didn’t always reflect my client’s best interest, I decided to go to United States and learn about Alternative Dispute Resolution. Later I created my own Alternative Dispute resolution/mediation firm with the focus on cross-culture conflict dispute resolution that allows me to solve individual and business disputes as effectively as possible.

When I founded Bridge Mediation, I left a secure life and a good lawyer’s salary to start something different and to build a firm with a new philosophy and an innovative way of managing conflicts. I did this because I believed that this is the essence of the legal profession and of the service that every lawyer should give to his/her clients. Above all, an attorney should be a conflict advisor and must be willing to counsel his or her clients on all the possible ways of resolving the dispute before selecting the best option, regardless of what it may be.

Today, a mere five years after its foundation, Bridge Mediation is an international consulting firm, headquartered in San Diego and with branches in Italy, Spain and Brazil. All of our professionals within Bridge believe in our core concept: that we approach every single dispute uniquely and creatively design an approach that will lead to the best possible resolution. We thoroughly examine all the issues that have brought the dispute to its current stalemate and counsel our clients through the process to the best outcome possible.

Bridge Mediation has a special focus on international business and cultural diversity. We firmly believe in the importance of spreading the culture of this new approach to conflict management, and spend time and energy in giving conferences, trainings and seminars to lawyers, politicians, diplomats and business people alike.

Modern society is constantly evolving, international relationships are conducted with lightning speed, and people don’t have time to spend in long and devastating conflicts that eventually end with unacceptable solutions imposed by a third party. Bridge Mediation allows you to be a part of the process and enables you to get your attention back to your business more quickly and with more satisfying results.

As the world moves towards a new concept of conflict management, people have the option to be active or passive in this process. I advise people to be active. Bridge Mediation has chosen to embrace conflict management and to help to apply it to an ever growing number of industries. As a result, Bridge Mediation has become a pioneer in this matter. Let Bridge help you find the solution that best improves your world!


Alessandra Sgubini,
Founder and CEO of Bridge Mediation