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Bridge Mediation offers the services of a team of professional mediators to directly assist individuals and corporate clients to efficiently resolve disputes. The services include internationally focused mediators that are experienced in their respective country’s legal and business practices, as well as cultural and language skills.

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Bridge Mediation is specialized in:

Commercial and Civil

Commercial and Civil mediation involves almost all types of disputes and negotiation, other than family disputes (such as divorce, separation and custody):

  • Contract Disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Transactions Disputes
  • Business/Costumer Dispute
  • Employment Disputes

International & Cross-Cultural Disputes

When disputes arise between parties in international business transactions, often neither party is comfortable using a foreign court system to resolve their dispute. Therefore, parties entering an international contract may wish to consider alternative methods of resolving disputes without going to court. Cross-Cultural dispute represents comparing or dealing with two or more different cultures. In International law and business, mediation is the only tool available that allows people to participate and will ultimately result in a satisfying solution where diversities are involved. Bridge Mediation seeks to demonstrate the importance of cross-culture communication/negotiation and the benefits of being sensitive and mindful of culture differences.

Hospitality Industry Disputes: customers and Hotel, Cruise Lines: Costumers and Hotels, Cruise Lines

The Hospitality Industry consists of companies within the food services, accommodations, recreation, and entertainment sectors. Because of the significant and rising costs involved in civil litigation, many business organizations are increasingly turning to mediation as the preferred way of settling conflicts that arise either from contractual agreements or in operations. Mediation has become very popular because of its focus on fair and reasonable outcomes of disputes, and is less expensive and time-consuming than litigation.

Negotiation Over Medical Bills

Huge medical bills are one of the main reasons that drive people to bankruptcy and about 75% of those who did go on to bankruptcy had insurance at the time. With our current financial meltdown driving more people to be uninsured these figures are sure to be even more tragic. The problem is the amount of time that has passed without disputing the situation with the medical bills. Mediation services are another option to avoid paying over-inflated medical bills.

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