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Bridge Mediation offers a wide range of courses to become effective negotiators and/or certified mediators with particular focus on cross-cultural issues.  We provide Basic and Advanced Courses that will improve and refine your skills sets as an efficient “problem solver” based on the following topics: Problem Solving Skills, Communication skills and techniques, Negotiation, Emotional Intelligence and awareness of cultural differences. columngraphicMANUAL In the past 10 years our international team negotiated and mediated cases involving many complex issues including, but not limited to, cultural differences and different individual’s personalities. We also spent years in teaching courses in International Universities and private trainings around the world (USA, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, India, Russia). Such experiences enabled us to create and offer a practical “Tool Box” for professionals, negotiators, mediators, employees, managers and students to become effective problem solvers. All the trainings’ topics in the “Tool Box” are related to the problem solving and conflict resolution skills. The trainings offer advanced and practical materials based on real life experiences of our experts. To explain with an analogy: “as a carpenter need to have his “Tool Box” to practice his work, a professional negotiator/mediator needs to have a tool box to be able to be a problem solver.” Each profession requires a “Tool Box”. We provide the “Tool Box” for professional problem solvers. All courses can be offered in English, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. The courses are offered in the offices in San Diego, (USA) and Milan (Italy). We can bring the trainings to your company as an in-house training and we offer as well courses online. Please, check out our calendar.

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